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At Pete’s Treeworx, we believe in the importance of regular maintenance for your trees. That’s why we offer premium tree pruning service. To prevent diseases, increase resistance to storm damage, and keep your trees looking healthy year after year, consider scheduling our tree pruning services.

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Tree trimming

Tree trimming is a science as well as an art. Safety underpins everything we do, and you won’t find us coming in and slashing branches just because. We have detailed knowledge of tree species and growth patterns; and follow all relevant local laws, industry regulations and Australian Standards (AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees).

Our goal is to preserve the health, structure and safety of every tree in our community. We help you prepare for changing seasons and mitigate the risk of trees impacting buildings through careful tree pruning performed in the right places at the right time. Our clients include homeowners, civil, commercial and government clients across Mandurah, Falcon, and Clifton who trust our advice and expertise when it comes to pruning trees.

What are the benefits of professional trimming & Pruning services?

Correct tree pruning techniques can make all the difference when it comes to the overall health of your trees and other plants.

At Pete’s Treeworx we’re all about trees. Nature’s gentle giants can get a bad reputation when left to grow uncontrolled in environments where people and nature need to coexist. Tree pruning is essential for healthy growth and creating a safe environment – especially in and around Perth where the weather can throw a few curve balls each season.

Here are some more reasons why professional tree pruning is a good investment:

  • Pruned trees grow better – pruning trees at an early stage can improve the health of the tree and encourage faster tree growth in the desired shape

  • Pruned trees live longer – removing dead limbs can encourage more light and air circulation, prevent pest infestations, and reduce the risk of diseases like oak wilt.

  • Trees maintain their shape better – pruning can encourage new growth to take on attractive natural or architectural shapes to suit your landscaping

  • Pruning encourages healthy coexistence – clearing limbs can prevent trees from interfering with buildings, power lines, roads and driveways.

  • Pruning reduces the risk of damage – removing dead branches or unbalanced growth can improve structural integrity and reduce the risk of falling branches during storms or fires. This lowers the chances of property damage or injuries.

We Have The Skills and Expertise To Handle All Pruning Techniques

We use different pruning techniques to balance the needs of the tree and its future growth. Besides the removal of dead branches, this includes techniques like lateral pruning, in which we cut back sub-branches to the parent lateral branch. We make sure to do so just outside the branch collar to maintain the tree’s defences against diseases.

Large trees with more foliage may require crown thinning, which is the careful removal of inner branches so that air can circulate throughout a tree’s canopy. Similarly, some species may require crown raising, which is a technique to remove dead or diseased lower branches to increase clearance between the ground and the tree’s crown. And if you’d like to retain the structure of your tree while reducing foliage, we provide crown reduction as well.

You Can Hire Quality Tree Pruning Services in Just 3 Steps!

Need to book professional pruning services? Here’s how to do that in three simple steps:

Book An Assessment

To give you an estimate, we’ll need to conduct an assessment. You can book one by giving us a call or requesting a quote through our website. We’ll get back to you and schedule a suitable time to visit your property for an assessment.

Get A Free Quote

We’ll arrive at your preferred date and time to evaluate your property and determine the condition of your trees. As a general rule, we evaluate your tree’s roots, bark, and surrounding conditions to provide a written assessment mentioning the job’s details and total cost.

Schedule a Convenient Date

Once you approve of our assessment and quote, we’ll schedule a date and time that’s convenient for you. Then, we’ll arrive with the necessary equipment to get the job done and clean up any leftover debris.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule tree pruning?

How often you should prune your trees can vary depending on their size, species, location, and age. Generally, it’s recommended to prune trees after 3 to 5 years.

Can I prune trees myself?

While it’s easy to prune a few small branches, large trees may require extensive trimming that’s best performed by a professional arborist. Not to mention, scaling the tree requires specific safety equipment, such as climbing spikes and harnesses. Tree pruning requires proper knowledge, experience, and equipment to avoid damaging the tree, so it’s best to call in an expert.

Does pruning tree branches damage the tree?

Quite the opposite. When done by a professional, pruning can reduce stress, make them resistant to breakage due to high winds, and prevent the spread of diseases. It also encourages the tree to grow in your desired shape, preventing the chances of overgrown or mishappen trees.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes, we’re covered by a comprehensive liability insurance policy to protect workers, clients, and their property in the unlikely event of property damage or injury.

Do you take emergency calls?

Yes, we’re available 24-hours a day to provide emergency tree services, whether you’re dealing with fallen or storm-damaged trees.

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