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Clearing the Way for Development: Our Professional Land Clearing Services

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If you're a property owner or developer in Mandurah, you may have a need to clear a space on your land for new construction, landscaping, or other purposes.

Land clearing can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially if you’re not equipped with the right tools and expertise. That’s where our professional land clearing services come in.

At Pete’s Treeworx, we provide expert land clearing services for residential and commercial properties in Mandurah and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced professionals has the tools and expertise to handle any size and scope of land clearing projects, from small backyard clearings to large-scale commercial developments.

Whether you need to clear a small section of land or an entire property, our team can help create safe and accessible spaces for your property. Our land clearing services include tree removal, brush clearing, stump grinding, and debris removal, all done with a focus on safety and sustainability.

Contact us today to schedule an assessment and see how our professional land clearing services can help you transform your property in Mandurah.

When You Should Use Our Land Clearing Services

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, from time to time you’ll need to clear the land to use the space for new construction, landscaping or a range of other reasons.

That’s where our land clearing service comes in. At Pete’s Treeworx, we offer expert land clearing services to help you prepare your land for its next use.

No matter your reason for needing land clearing services, our team at Pete’s Treeworx is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can assist you in getting your property ready for its next use.

Here are some scenarios when you should use our land clearing service:

Working with you to preserve our natural environment.

Home Owners

Trees causing headaches around your property? Prepare for the season ahead and transform your outdoor areas into safe spaces to enjoy.

Residential tree service

Commercial & Industrial

Our qualified arborists have extensive knowledge and safety training suitable for all civil, commercial and development projects.

Commercial tree service


Fallen trees, extreme weather and people don’t mix. We prioritise emergency call outs and property damage so you can avoid unnecessary risks.

Emergency tree removal

Why choose us?

Safety experts

Safety underpins everything we do. Every decision, every time. We know all too well the risk trees can pose when not managed correctly. So we have made it our mission to preserve nature while keeping communities safe.

Reliable service

We do what we say and are true to our word – delivering the service and advice you can trust, every time. We set the standard for safety and environmental practices in the industry.

Advocates for nature

We need trees to survive and you won’t find us clearing trees unnecessarily. We are nature preservers who can help you prepare your homes, gardens and commercial properties for people to enjoy safely all year round.

Peace of mind

No two trees are alike and not all tree surgeons are the same. We apply our extensive knowledge of local species to preserve the health, structure and safety of every tree we work with giving you complete peace of mind, every time.

Highly experienced

Our highly experienced and fully insured tree specialists are at home on any size of project. From civil works and residential developments to tree care around the home. We are experts in WA native vegetation and working with our local habitat.

Sustainable practices

We educate people about trees and their role in our magnificent environment – and why tree lopping without proper care and consideration can actually cause more damage in the long term. We have many techniques for tree pruning that deliver better results.

Qualified arborists

Working with trees requires detailed knowledge of tree species and local laws. Our professional arborists work with civil, commercial, and residential customers and adhere to all relevant local laws, industry regulations, and Australian Standards.

Trusted locals

Our local crews have excellent local knowledge about the environment and locations across Mandurah and surrounding areas. We can attend to emergency works quickly without maps or detailed directions.

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